Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Easternization of America...

Sounds funny? Could be the next thing on the block.

For years, we have heard about how American culture , American brands, American movies, blah blah blah have come into the Indian culture and 'westernized' India, as it is popularly called. No no, I am not saying its false...It's pretty true and we all are aware of it

More recently though, we have been exposed to a new phenomenon, which I would like calling 'Easternization'. In 3 years in the US, when you find things changing, you sometimes predict what;s going to be next. For example, in addition to all the great Hindi theaters like Naz8 ( great!!!! ?????? ), yesterday, me and nirav discovered that the Coming Soon list at AMC theaters had Babul as one of the movies listed :)

To add to that, I believe there are more Indian restaurants in Mountain View than American restaurants , and if you go to any public place, the probability of finding at least some Indians there is almost 100 %. And, in general, I find more Indians and Chinese than Americans for sure , anywhere here in San Francisco...Interesting..

With yoga, art of living, vegetarianism, etc , already popular with Americans, should we be looking at more easternization soon? I believe so. 20 years ddown the line, American kids will ask their parents tht they want to wear the fashionable Indian outfits....they' r so cooooooooooool !