Sunday, March 26, 2006

Thursday, March 23, 2006

2 great TV shows...and 2 dreams...

Thanks to my roomies, i am getting addicted to 2 good TV shows, lost and 24 . Both of them are based on very unique concepts and make for an interesting watch.

'Lost' is about a flight which crashed on an mysterious tropical desert island, and now the people who survived the crash, have to fight it out for themselves on the island, and it describes their struggle, and the way things work out. There are also a lot of surprise elements in the series, which make it even more interesting.

'24' stars Keifer Sutherland as Jack Bauer, a federal agent, and every season consists of 24 episodes, each episode covering 1 hr of the day, and in each season there is some plot of assasination/bombing etc, which is finally fended off. The episodes are well made, and also have tht thrilling feel to it. Worth a watch.It's actually good to see it in this format of hours, as you can actually feel the day going on.

Yes, and i have 2 dreams, or 2 goals which I have been developing over the past some months. The first one is to run the marathon or at least half of it next year. A big part of the inspiration for this, goes to Animesh Pathak's blog and his description of the marathon. I guess I'll be able to do something about this by next year...

The second dream...well its something tht i hv been thinking for a while to do...Any guesses?

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

USC Application- a Must Watch

Check this one out guys.

The next time someone asks you ' What are my chances of getting into USC ?' Show them this application..! I guess this one potrays why USC is also popularly called 'University of Spoilt Children' ! The application speaks for itself, though check out the meaning of signature, and also, that in lieu of ur transcripts an 8 by 10 glossy picture should also suffice.

It's a bit sad though to see some racist comments. Guess except them, it makes for a nice application :)

Disclaimer: The views expressed in that application are solely that of the original authors. I do not subscribe nor am responsible for any racist or otherwise comment on the link.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

An American's view of India

People, this is an absolute must watch. An American's view of India, and how things that seem so simple and routine to us, seem surprising to him. Also interesting is, how these simple things could possible see India becoming the next superpower. Not much to write on this video, just see the video and leave your comments

Click here to watch the video

Friday, March 10, 2006

The Million dollar Web page

Many of you might have heard about this, but for those who haven't,

First the story:

Alex Tew, a 21 year old student wanted to study business management at the University of England, but like many graduate students , he wasn't sure of how he would get the money for it. Pondering over different ideas, he thought of making a homepage and selling ads on it for 1 $ / pixel, thinking that if there would be a million pixels up for sale, at least 15k to 20k pixels would be sold off, thus giving him enough money to get through his college.(

This said and done, he started selling pixels and the site become hugely popular, and ultimately he made much more than a million dollars on it.

This one story is truly great. Simply because unlike startups (eg Google), where the underlying principle involved a great deal of technology and/or business models and business sense, in addition to the idea, this did not require anything at all. Plus, no venture capitalist, no proposals , and to top it all, no risk of failure. What would he have lost in case this idea did not work. Some dollars, and hardly any man hours. But then, it worked, and credit to Alex for proving to the world that 'where there is a will, there is a way '

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Its good to be tired :)

On my first blog (, I had claimed that most of my blogs wil contain the word tired or tiring. :)

After all the different turns that I went through, I truly have one thing to conclude. It's good to be tired. It's good to be working. It's good to be under pressure to do things.Idle days are good when they are few, but a monotonous life is really the last thing u want.

It is this pressure, and a desire to move ahead in life, that finally brings the best out of us, and the fruits of hard work are always sweet .

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Call Center Video

Amit Rajadhyaksha sent me this nice video, of a call center scenario

I have been having quite some trouble with these call center guys. I just get so pissed off when the guys act as if they are the greatest computer geniuses ever born on the face of this earth. To top it all, the most frequent habit of , 'Sure, we are here to help you' OR ' Let me connect you to an expert' . Maybe this video will tell you more.

See the video and leave your comments.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Scam busters...

It's so interesting. A friend of mine told me recently, that he had got an offer for a very high paying short term job. I was not sure what he meant. On further investigation, found tht it was in Africa ....And yes, the scam begins

Most of you might have got a mail from "BIBI LUCKY" asking you to contact them, if you wished to become an overseas agent and get 30% of the millions ....When i got the email, I found it funny, but interestingly enough a lot of people fall for such a trap. Also, the email tells u to keep the matter confidential, thus dissuading you from discussing these things with your friends.

However, there are more interesting things. Heard about the Q33NY, wingdings 9/11 email. The claim is that if you type Q33 NY in wingdings font you get a plane, 2 towers, and a skeleton, thus signifying the WTC attacks. The mail claims that Q33 NY was one of the hijacked flights which slammed into the World Trade Centers. For over 4 years now, people blindly forward tht mail.

Now, none of the flights flying on tht day was caled Q33NY

They were

American airlines N334AA
United Airlines Flight N612UA
American Airlines Flight N644AA
United Airlines Flight N591UA

So tht whole thing was a hoax. The trick is simple, send this email out, and at least 70-80% of people will send it out without confirming the truth. Maybe 4 yrs ago, i might have done the same.

This site pretty much exposes the number of hoaxes that we might come across.. Definitely worth a look. Also, I stronglyrecommend, looking up any such mail on google and/or wikipedia before forwarding it.