Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Its good to be tired :)

On my first blog (http://harshits.blogspot.com/2004/11/tiring-day.html), I had claimed that most of my blogs wil contain the word tired or tiring. :)

After all the different turns that I went through, I truly have one thing to conclude. It's good to be tired. It's good to be working. It's good to be under pressure to do things.Idle days are good when they are few, but a monotonous life is really the last thing u want.

It is this pressure, and a desire to move ahead in life, that finally brings the best out of us, and the fruits of hard work are always sweet .


Anonymous said...

Good to see you in high & light spirits. I see you are enjoying the outcome of your work. Way to go!

Quick question, what if this living under pressure and busy keeping becomes a routine? What would that monotonous way make you think?

- R

Sinduja Venkat said...

Dude, no way! Wonder what kinda tiring u mean. Maybe not the travelling-for-long-tiring kind anyway. Cuz that kinda tiring makes you feel hateful towards ur routine. Can attest that.

chirayu said...

amen brother!