Sunday, April 18, 2010

The quest for a Jamba Juice

Wow! This is an amazing story. Remember the famous 'essay' in school of ' The Day When Everything Went Wrong' and the kind of things you bluffed in that-

Well , some time, you do feel that going true. Today wasn't a bad day, just that I started the day thinking of something and the as the day progressed, the quest seemed to turn into an impossible quest. Here's a brief description

Morning 10 am: A very hot day, and I think, well today's the best day to have a nice fresh jamba juice . I had to get my car repaired , so thought well, might as well do it then

11 30 am: Get out on a hot hot day in mountain view, the resolve to get the Jamba juice is really over me now.

12 noon: I reach the car repair - I remembered that there used to be a Jamba Juice close by, so I thought, well let me leave the car and walk back to find the Juice center, since the car anyways would take about an hour to get repaired

12:10 : Start walking on one of the hottest summer afternoons thinking that the jamba juice would be about half a mile away.

12:30 Walk for about a mile, and then check on my iphone to find that I might have passed that. Walk back and find that the juice center just got closed a month back. All hopes dashed!

12:40 : Walk back to the car repair, by now I have walked about 2.5 miles in the hot sun and without anything.

12:50 : No worries, now I have my new and improved Corolla. Again, I trust my memory and go for a Jamba which I know is close by. I reach the place, see the board from a distance and feel proud of my memory [ Or as some people might say, 'Maine to Makkhan kaam kiyaa hai ;) ' ] . Reach the complex, which is bustling with activity

1:05 pm: As I reach the door for the Jamba juice, find that it's locked. As if it was the perfect trap for me,every single shop in that complex is open , except for mine.

The next shop is about 4 miles away. Decide to make a quick stop at home and then go for the juice. After all, I have spent too much time on this juice.

1:10 pm: Reach home, have lunch , and think that now I can do some work before going out for the Jamba.

5:30 pm: Think that the Jamba wasn't meant for today. Decide to play tennis instead

6:30 pm: Reach tennis court and start playing- the heat rekindles the craving for the juice

7:30 pm: Finish tennis, call mom and tell her about the incident

7:40 pm: Still talking to mom, and somehow wish that I should try and reach the Jamba Juice before it closes at 8

7:50 pm: Reach the complex, but don't quite find the Jamba. A moment which is like the last few minutes of the exam.

7:55 pm: Find the shop! Reach out my hand to open the door, only wishing it's not locked....Luckily enough, I am on time....

7:57 pm: Get the last juice for the day, as the door is locked behind me. It's the most satisfying ever :)