Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bhool = Mistake - Bhulaiyya = forgettable

Yes,I know that forgettable is not the literal meaning of the word. It is however the appropriate word to be used for the movie. Sometimes you feel that a film was not all that good, or maybe you did not like it because your expectations were too high. Bhool Bhulaiya does fall under that category, however , there's nothing really nice about the movie.

A terrible plot (involving the ghost and havans and all), led by a pretty pathetic acting by Shiny Ahuja, and mediocre performances by everyone else.Akshay Kumar's acting is good, but does not get a chance to really do any kind of good stuff. To top it all, songs are thrown anywhere, making the movie all the more boring. It's interesting that there was a half an hour interval, in which the trailers provided some good relief

But the most disappointing part of this Priyadarshan movie, was that Paresh Rawal and Rajpal Yadav, both of whom I expected to have some good funny scenes, did not have almost any funny scenes or dialogues. Since Hera Pheri, it has become almost an unwritten rule that a Priyadarshan comedy with Paresh Rawal in it, will have some really intelligent and witty stuff from Paresh Rawal. Rajpal Yadav hardly has any role and absolutely no comedy scenes as we have seen in his earlier movies like hungama.

And with random things about ghosts, random characters (Vikram Gokhale at the end) thrown in , you really doubt how coult Priyadarshan make such a movie . Wikipedia did give me one answer

The film began shooting on February 18, 2007 for a 41-day schedule at Jaipur, India and released on October 12, 2007.

A film made in 41 days. Looks like they did not have a story writer and made up the story over the 41 days.

All and all - disappointing. It's not a waste of just 100 rupees or 10 dollars. It's a waste of 3 hours of your life.