Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Somewhere in between?

I realized today, while writing an email to someone, that I am now somewhere in between someone born and brought up in the US and somewhere who's come from India fresh? Oh, I know what comes to your mind after reading this. He's going NRIsh, he's going into the
x +1 syndrome, and he's going to stay in the US forever.

No. Not quite. In fact, I have found that most people who go back are the people who have understood the difference in depth . So what's the big change?

I think it's about getting the best of both. I remember a dialogue from Hyderabad Blues as also one from Swades, both of which give a common message, which is, if you have got a chance to compare two cultures and take the best of both, there's nothing wrong with it. There are some really good things that the US has taught me, some of which I found out during my last India visit , and I saw that people around me were so surprised that it worked in India. For example, I have developed a habit of addressing everyone in India, be it a govt official or the smallest peon as 'Aap'. I found that people feel good , and work gets done easily. Or maybe just greeting the next guy on the road with a 'Good Morning' or 'Have a Nice Day'. Similarly, sometimes you find that the Indian culture of offering someone sweets or good food from your plate sometimes leaves Americans surprised but happy.

I sometimes feel glad that I got this opportunity, and in my case, I got some really lovely people who taught me nice things , to be remembered for a lifetime. Thank you all!