Sunday, February 02, 2014

Brilliant ideas in real life

1. Re-organize - A robot that would automatically sort your room. I don't like my things dirty, but there was a time when things spread across the room was kind of common. The floor was clean, so no problems of hygiene there :P . But how I wished for this!

2. Search - Actually doable with non-invasive bar codes / tracking devices. An app to which if you ask "Honey, where's my watch?". It returns by making a beep sound or pointing to the exact location rather than "Why don't you keep your things correctly at the first place?"

A better bet? Iphone/Android app for the same

I thought that this must have been actually developed though not popular and turns out it is. Found a few of them here and here . I am sure this is a thing for the future

3. Personal lie recorder
"A recorder that records all conversations you do with people - at least your own voice " - so you never go "What did I tell him about why I can't come to his stupid dance performance?"

4. Personal wearable call assistant- Siri and Google goggles are almost there, but something that'll call people at one say and on a wearable device

5. Personal wings set - what better than jet airplanes / hand gliders and skydiving parachutes- simply a set of personal wings that you can ride around like a bicycle or motorbike. This is something that is probably already in experimental mode, but I am wondering if someone finds out a way to make them for $200 and make them available to everyone. Seems too cheap? Well , that's what people said to IBM about computers!

(Image courtesy : National Georgraphic)

6. Smarter Crowdsourcing apps

There are a bunch of crowdsourcing apps in the market. But think about how divine you would feel if you had a google-esque system that whenever you need something, there might be someone offering to help you out. Like , you are waiting for a train and need to reach your office well in advance. A quick app allows you to find someone who'll take you in their car and charge you a nominal pre-fixed fee? OR , you are looking for that elusive technical spare part which is the last piece of a puzzle you are trying to solve and instead of getting it shipped from thousands of miles, you find that your neighbor has a box of it lying in his attic? While this is going to affect taxicabs and service providers, an amazingly smart thing for the future. In fact, I would be very excited to know how well it would work in India, a country which progressed slow during the initial computer revolution but suddenly took leaps and bounds during the internet and mobile revolution. On a lighter note, I am thinking one use would be to look for a 'bai' to come and clean your vessels on the day your maid took a day off :P

..more to come hopefully :)