Wednesday, November 22, 2006

How many earths do you need?

Vinay Kini sent me this nice link

Basically, it asks you a series of questions, and in the end tells you that if the whole world lived like you, it would need 'x' number of earths ( which means 'x' times the exhaustible materials on the surface of the earth). Staying in a developed country, I expected myself to clock 4.3 earths, which is above normal, but then I found that many people whom I knew accounted for 10 or more ....which is sad :)

In general , if you read the questions, they tell you about potential mistakes you might be making, and how you never realised that they could be detrimental to the system .

Test yourself, and let me know how many earths did you need?

And yes, if you liked the article, try to go vegan....if not fully, upto some's good for everyone!

Monday, November 06, 2006

The Trojan...

When I first came to USC in 2003, I thought, what's all this hype about Trojans and stuff. I mean, think about it, you are in a University, and in the orientation, the President says...Welcome Trojans...And ..'Fight On!' Coming from the city of Mumbai, and more importantly Vivekanand Education Socy's Inst of Technology, where discipline was the name of the game, and every such speech seemed to be simply advising you about things you really felt bored to hear...this was a pleasant , but surprising change. I mean, I always felt that the craze for cricket in India was the most overwhelming things I had ever seen, till I saw this. 80,000 people at the Coliseum, the icing on the cake....

It's intereting, that within some time of being at USC, I felt so close to this whole concept of being a Trojan, and the spirit of USC. The music of the USC marching band, is something so special to me. And USC will always live the hearts of all Trojans, it was the best place ever....

I feel proud of studying in the University like USC. A university whose students have won a medal in every single Olympic games, and an Oscar in every single Award Ceremony. No other university has come close to that. In fact , in the 2004 Olympics, if USC had participated as a country, it would have come 16th :) Howzzatt!

Fight On!