Wednesday, November 22, 2006

How many earths do you need?

Vinay Kini sent me this nice link

Basically, it asks you a series of questions, and in the end tells you that if the whole world lived like you, it would need 'x' number of earths ( which means 'x' times the exhaustible materials on the surface of the earth). Staying in a developed country, I expected myself to clock 4.3 earths, which is above normal, but then I found that many people whom I knew accounted for 10 or more ....which is sad :)

In general , if you read the questions, they tell you about potential mistakes you might be making, and how you never realised that they could be detrimental to the system .

Test yourself, and let me know how many earths did you need?

And yes, if you liked the article, try to go vegan....if not fully, upto some's good for everyone!


Vivek Pandey said...

I need 5.8.
Despite being veggie and having limited belongings, it seems like I am driving my car a little too much.

Vinay said...

i have 1.0 !!.. and i eat non-veg..

kaise log hai tum log !

Anonymous said...

If everybody lived like me, we'd need 1.0 Earths! That still sounds a lot! I dont think i live a life of restraint... very interesting stuff! Thanks for forwarding Harshit! -Sriram.

Ami said...

With me , you will need 1.0 earths,...interesting article :)

pals1916 said...

I'll need 3.7...Very interesting ...