Monday, January 21, 2008

Looking Back or Moving Forward

It's always interesting which way you look at life. Half full or Half empty. In the past or into the future. Thank God for this wonderful existence He has given you or complain to him about all those things you did not get. Repent on your mistakes or learn to not make them again.

It's interesting how you always promise yourself to be optimistic, but ironically, you just wish you weren't pessimistic sometime back, thereby breaking your promise.In a discussion I had with my roommate, I realized that at every step of life, I looked for a newer horizon, but when I reached it, there was a new horizon in place, and I was again working hard towards it.

I remember a good advice that an old friend gave me, he was like, when you think that right now you don't have all the things you want in life, go back 10 years and remember those things , which you felt you abs wanted at that stage in your life. Suddenly, you'll feel those things were so trivial. Maybe, 10 years down the line , you'll think the same about today. The truth is that life goes on. As is said in castaway, whatever happens, the sun will rise the next day- and thats how I believe it has always been. Challenges, Victories, ups, downs all come and go, and they do affect your life, but maybe not as much as you think they would. The problem is , that this is what your brain says. The heart will always say something else :)

But then, one thing I have learnt, and will stand by , is to live every day and every moment. Ask yourself, if you made a difference today, if you didn't , it's time to make an effort tomorrow. Soon, you'll come to know that it counts.

I know what you are thinking. Yeh to senti/philo ho gaya hai. Not quite. But sometime it's good to give your emotions a vent .