Sunday, April 18, 2010

The quest for a Jamba Juice

Wow! This is an amazing story. Remember the famous 'essay' in school of ' The Day When Everything Went Wrong' and the kind of things you bluffed in that-

Well , some time, you do feel that going true. Today wasn't a bad day, just that I started the day thinking of something and the as the day progressed, the quest seemed to turn into an impossible quest. Here's a brief description

Morning 10 am: A very hot day, and I think, well today's the best day to have a nice fresh jamba juice . I had to get my car repaired , so thought well, might as well do it then

11 30 am: Get out on a hot hot day in mountain view, the resolve to get the Jamba juice is really over me now.

12 noon: I reach the car repair - I remembered that there used to be a Jamba Juice close by, so I thought, well let me leave the car and walk back to find the Juice center, since the car anyways would take about an hour to get repaired

12:10 : Start walking on one of the hottest summer afternoons thinking that the jamba juice would be about half a mile away.

12:30 Walk for about a mile, and then check on my iphone to find that I might have passed that. Walk back and find that the juice center just got closed a month back. All hopes dashed!

12:40 : Walk back to the car repair, by now I have walked about 2.5 miles in the hot sun and without anything.

12:50 : No worries, now I have my new and improved Corolla. Again, I trust my memory and go for a Jamba which I know is close by. I reach the place, see the board from a distance and feel proud of my memory [ Or as some people might say, 'Maine to Makkhan kaam kiyaa hai ;) ' ] . Reach the complex, which is bustling with activity

1:05 pm: As I reach the door for the Jamba juice, find that it's locked. As if it was the perfect trap for me,every single shop in that complex is open , except for mine.

The next shop is about 4 miles away. Decide to make a quick stop at home and then go for the juice. After all, I have spent too much time on this juice.

1:10 pm: Reach home, have lunch , and think that now I can do some work before going out for the Jamba.

5:30 pm: Think that the Jamba wasn't meant for today. Decide to play tennis instead

6:30 pm: Reach tennis court and start playing- the heat rekindles the craving for the juice

7:30 pm: Finish tennis, call mom and tell her about the incident

7:40 pm: Still talking to mom, and somehow wish that I should try and reach the Jamba Juice before it closes at 8

7:50 pm: Reach the complex, but don't quite find the Jamba. A moment which is like the last few minutes of the exam.

7:55 pm: Find the shop! Reach out my hand to open the door, only wishing it's not locked....Luckily enough, I am on time....

7:57 pm: Get the last juice for the day, as the door is locked behind me. It's the most satisfying ever :)


Ami said...

I remember that one too..You know what you've done....? Now, I am craving for it :D
I am actually trying to google , if its available in Bombay:P

Alpa said...

haha... thats some special juice I must say !!!! ..lolz

Knu Singhal said...

u had quite a day! :). good that u wrote it down.

Knu Singhal said...

u had quite a day :P. good that u wrote it down.

Shweta said...

Tuney to ekdum MAKKHAN experience likha hain.

Vivek said...

Badi khushi hui jaan ke ki tumhein Jamba Juice finally mil gaya!

Yahaan Bangalore ao to tumhein nariyal paani pilate hain...sadak par milne waala. Road side ke nariyal paani peene ka experience tum Corolla kitna bhi kharab kar lo aur kitne bhi miles paidal garmi mein chal lo, US mein nahi le paoge!!

Vivek said...

Ye photo usee jamba juice container ki hai jismein tumne juice piya ki koi random photo daal dee hai. Agar khud photo lee hai to apne brilliant chehre ke saath lete jisse ki mamla clear rehta!

Viksit said...

LOL :) :)