Thursday, March 23, 2006

2 great TV shows...and 2 dreams...

Thanks to my roomies, i am getting addicted to 2 good TV shows, lost and 24 . Both of them are based on very unique concepts and make for an interesting watch.

'Lost' is about a flight which crashed on an mysterious tropical desert island, and now the people who survived the crash, have to fight it out for themselves on the island, and it describes their struggle, and the way things work out. There are also a lot of surprise elements in the series, which make it even more interesting.

'24' stars Keifer Sutherland as Jack Bauer, a federal agent, and every season consists of 24 episodes, each episode covering 1 hr of the day, and in each season there is some plot of assasination/bombing etc, which is finally fended off. The episodes are well made, and also have tht thrilling feel to it. Worth a watch.It's actually good to see it in this format of hours, as you can actually feel the day going on.

Yes, and i have 2 dreams, or 2 goals which I have been developing over the past some months. The first one is to run the marathon or at least half of it next year. A big part of the inspiration for this, goes to Animesh Pathak's blog and his description of the marathon. I guess I'll be able to do something about this by next year...

The second dream...well its something tht i hv been thinking for a while to do...Any guesses?

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Anonymous said...

as promised.. the comment
" the other dream i can't say in public !!!.. log kya kahenge"