Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Scam busters...

It's so interesting. A friend of mine told me recently, that he had got an offer for a very high paying short term job. I was not sure what he meant. On further investigation, found tht it was in Africa ....And yes, the scam begins

Most of you might have got a mail from "BIBI LUCKY" asking you to contact them, if you wished to become an overseas agent and get 30% of the millions ....When i got the email, I found it funny, but interestingly enough a lot of people fall for such a trap. Also, the email tells u to keep the matter confidential, thus dissuading you from discussing these things with your friends.

However, there are more interesting things. Heard about the Q33NY, wingdings 9/11 email. The claim is that if you type Q33 NY in wingdings font you get a plane, 2 towers, and a skeleton, thus signifying the WTC attacks. The mail claims that Q33 NY was one of the hijacked flights which slammed into the World Trade Centers. For over 4 years now, people blindly forward tht mail.

Now, none of the flights flying on tht day was caled Q33NY

They were

American airlines N334AA
United Airlines Flight N612UA
American Airlines Flight N644AA
United Airlines Flight N591UA

So tht whole thing was a hoax. The trick is simple, send this email out, and at least 70-80% of people will send it out without confirming the truth. Maybe 4 yrs ago, i might have done the same.

This site pretty much exposes the number of hoaxes that we might come across.. Definitely worth a look. Also, I stronglyrecommend, looking up any such mail on google and/or wikipedia before forwarding it.

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