Thursday, February 16, 2006

I made besan ke laddoo

Yes, yes and yes

I made besan ke laddoo today. I can also claim that I made them on my own, from start to end, although the recipe was from a book ( what else do u expect ), and that my cousin sheetal was there with me from start to end and guided me thru the entire process

but then..satisfaction was paramount

Here's a picture

And, I am enjoying my NY trip. Visited Niagara last weekend, planning to visit NYC this weekend. Anyone around ? Let me know, we can meet up!


chirayu said...

wah! ... idhar bhi ekadh parcel kar de yaar! :)

Gladtomeetin said...

Very Tempting...when are gonna make it for me? will u when i come to your place?

Nikita said...

hey.. the pic looks real tempting.. though u shudnt have let the secret out that ur sis was with u all the while u made it ;)
great wrk.. wud love to have it from u someday!! keep it up !!

Ami said...

All the ppl who are tempted..
He didnt mention anythign on if they were edible at the end of it !:D

Pd said...

they look soooooooooooooo *pd starts drooling and cant finish her sentence*