Monday, February 13, 2006

Inzy dada, and the spirit of cricket

Cricinfo is carrying an article about the bad taste in which inzy was given out

There are also some videos on google video about the dismissal and inzamam's reaction to that at the presentation.

The funny thing is, its India vs Pakistan, and Inzamam accuses India of not acting in the spirit of the game. Where did this spirit go, when those guys appealed against sachin tendulkar, in that game in Calcutta, when Sachin accidentally had lifted his bat due to collision with Shoaib Akhtar, and was given run out, a decision which sparked a lot of commotion at Eden Gardens.

I guess, inzamam was unlucky, but had by no means any right to question the integrity or the spirit of the Indian players.

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kunal said...

You might remember that Hansie Cronje, once took back an appeal , when a cricketer was run out, but that was due to a collision with one of the South African fielders.

Whatever Cronje did, this particular gesture of his, will be regarded as one of the most respected things in cricket