Wednesday, November 03, 2004

A tiring day

Wednesday Nov 3, 2004 6: 05 pm

My first blog, and seems like it is going to show one of my most common moods: frustrated

Nothing much, just that the day went off just like that. Just feeling tired right now, and more surprised coz I did not really do anything that would make me tired

Anyways, read on cricinfo today

'Why doesn't the Indian police leave Nicky Boje alone?'

and felt really angry....

First people do wrong, there are some good people who finally give so much effort and investigate, and when they try and catch the guilty to gain a further insight, people target them.

I sometimes feel, India is playing the goodie goodie . After all, it was India who uncovered it, and it was us who really bore the brunt, by banning a player as good as Ajay Jadeja. And these people, who 'admitted' to their crimes, have not been banned, and now, suddenly the entire country is after them. It's sad that the BCCI doesn't do anything in this.

Bush has won, I am not really rejoicing, not that I would have rejoiced if Kerry won, it is something that really doesn't affect me, nor was I allowed to affect the result, so it's like an absolute don't care, except for the fact that it was a good timepass yesterday, as people from both ends gave one readymade speech after another. I wonder how good a database they would be having. This one, if you are defeated, this one, if you know that you are gone, but should still let people know that you are fighting on, this one, if you know that the vote count is still going to take 2 hours, so the dramatic speeches are for the last minutes...


I like blogs......

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