Thursday, January 05, 2006

So I am back...

From now, i promise there'll be some more regular and more interesting blogs

So, here's the first. Roomie and friend nirav mehta recently broke all records, when we went to a friend's place, and in a gathering of but 6 people, there was one guy with whom he shared his first, last and middle names ( yes thts true and there's a great story behind this one too), and one person with whom he shared the exact birth date, month and year.. he also observed that one person had the same shoes (identical to be more correct) as him. Riot.

Among more interesting things, i decided to break the habit of eating maggi and paratha and making some sabji today, decided that i should stay away from such resolutions, else i might end up hungry....

USC lost the football game today, and that too in the closing stages of the game...:(

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