Saturday, July 29, 2006

Life n times..when it all began..

This is a post from one of the mails that I sent out to friends and family back home in India about my new experiences in Uncle Sam's land. Given below is just one of them, and I simply find it amusing to read this ...


well its me back again...i actually wasnt having time
to write mails..but the writer in me.....

well been to Arizona over the weekend..and met some
NRIs and some ABCDs....and was pretty eventful at tht

well..tht day i had my first exp of findin my way to
the airport by bus..

here , the system though is good u just write in the
start and end points..and u;ve a map with
directions..pretty interestin though

so i typed in the points and got this map with the best part

this is the link for the map in case neone is

so with a printout in hand and a small handbag ( woh
bhi borrowed frm dipesh coz mine had torn

now as u can says go to the NW corner of
hoover and i reached the was 4

HOW DO I FIND NW???????????

there was not one single person on the road...and i
didnt knw wht to do..

and it was 10 am..and i suddenly realized tht there
was one thing which cud guide me..the SUN..and yes it

i saw the sun..took tht as east and went to the
corner..caught tthe 1st bus and got down at the
required place..the bus drivers are pretty co-op u c

the 2nd time rnd..i wasnt was abt 11 ..and
the sun was right above cudnt do nethin..

i thot for a while and went to one corner...

at a distance i cud see a board..which said

SOUTH 101 -------------->

i was pretty happy...tht i finally found somethin and
started to calc accordingly..just then i observed tht
just above this board there was another which said

NORTH 101 |

now i realised tht these werent directions..and so...

well somehow got to the airport and off to AZ by
southwest airlines..

but b4 tht, a bit abt buses here

there are metro buses..there arent any conductors..but
yes u are reminded by our mumbai cha conductors who
kick u out if u dond have 'Sutte Paise'

Here its simpler...beside the driver, there's a
machine ..u just put the xact fare into tht..if its
less u arent allowed..if its more..well no change
provided :)

neways thts abt buses..somethin better

SouthWest Airlines..seems like a gr8 american airline
doesnt it..well its a cost saving costme 73$
in all to go to arizona by a 1:20 hr flight and be
back...and this fare is very less if u book in advance

and the country stuff...

they dont serve food on the airline.. :)
babes for airhostesses...well they seem more like
strict matrons(they r followin indian airlines on this
so..all 40+)...who behave like...'hey fasten ur seat
bet..wht r u doin?'

u r allowed to bring ur own food on the if
we all go..we wud prob hv thepalas and puris...and

then after a bit of a hassle at te airport..went for
mahavir jayanti...and the first taste of wht american
indian life is all abt...

The ppl who arent jains or not acquainted with it prob
wont understand much..but its interestin..

..hmm i hd better write tht in a separate mail so tht
ppl can easily skip tht..but ffor jains a must read!



I don't know if that link works, but I did not want to change the content of the mail..

But then, I am nostalgic about these mails, and those days, when I feel that the boy in me made way for a man..and I learnt some of the most important lessons of life...from the best teacher in the world ...Experience :)

btw..the mail uses a word ABCDs. A friend of mine Prashant told me once...tht 'we ABCDs don't mind being called ABCDs, except that the C in the ABCD means 'cultured' '. To this day I remember those words, and have utmost respect for the guy..!


Animesh said...

brought back 2003.... good post.

Rushabh Doshi said...

who better than me to remember these posts :)
you should start writing again, the other side of the moon, different life, different experiences (these days)

Sinduja said...

nice one.. really very NRI-ish..

a-per-ture said...

hahahaha.... made me dig-out my emails like that .. .. lol ..