Sunday, September 17, 2006

Forwarding the 10 cents mail - a classic dilemma

Well, most of us might have received a mail from Divya Singh working for Siemens who is in need of some advice from someone who had a particular disease her husband is suffering. Or some mail which says tht AOL will donate 1 cent for every email forwarded. Or simply enough, a mail which says that O positive blood is required, and forward to all....

What do you do on this one ? As a techie and maybe someone who explores things more than they appear, I can maybe search over the internet, and find out if that's a fraud. But what about the common man? Someone who just uses email as a medium of transmitting messages . I think it's fair to say that would be okay for someone to forward such an email. Why? Simply coz even if there is 1 % chance that it is true, then it is definitely in good faith....For example, I would strongly encourage people to read the otucome of this forwarded email ..It could have been a hoax too, but it was not...Same as maybe several asking for help wrt contacts, or anything at all....

And then there are emails which says that AOL will donate 10 cents for every forward (AOL would have gone bankrupt by now :)) . But still, for someone not connected with the tech might seem to be just a very good idea....and wud forward it maybe just out of doubt..

Maybe it's a good idea to search it on the internet, but if u r unsure...what should you do?

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