Thursday, May 31, 2007

Call center for the blind

There is this interesting article on BBC news about a call center in Mumbai(Bombay) which is meant for visually challenged people only.

I find this as a good sign, because people are thinking out of the traditional app roach that blind/handicapped people are only limited to a set of jobs.( If you've seen Black , there's a very nice dialogue that Amitabh has to reflect the same). Also, I am sure that this will give them a sense of achievement, and also , an all important, making them financially self sufficient.

Most importantly though, I feel that the fact that the person at the other end does not know that they are blind, will instill a great feeling of confidence since it gets rid of the (sometimes undesired) sympathy. Kudos to the people who got this great idea to work.


Twisted DNA said...

Interesting idea, isn't it? I think you pointed out the best part. The caller wouldn't know he/she is talking to a visually impaired person. But is this really practical? For example, how much can these people achieve without actually looking at anything... say a computer monitor? I can't think of a place where they can help without looking at any data. I would be very curious to know how they are planning to do it.

EMC3 said...

Here's another opportunity for the blind that can be replicated in India and that will also help in Tourism..

Foot massages given by the blind in Sabah, Malaysia.