Sunday, November 11, 2007

A good entertainer

We've seen quite a good and bad movies in the last couple of years. Many classics of the likes of rang de basanti and lage raho munnabhai to absolute horrors like Bhool Bhulaiya . While RDB and Lage Raho Munnabhai were classics in their own respect, for some reason for a long time , we had not seen a film with an absolutely single minded focus. Entertain...

That's where I liked Om Shanti Om . A film with an average to good story line, but then, it kept the audiences entertained for 2.5 hours. Witty scenes, good music, decent storyline, good performances, and above all good wholesome entertainment. Even if it meant getting so many guest appearances . It was a movie that we all felt good after seeing it. In general, there was not a phase in the film where the movie went like ,'Oh, when will this end'. Performances of most actors were mostly good, but the best I would like is the variety of guest appearances and the way they were put in there(esp Abhishek Bachchan). For those you are yet to see the movie, try to lip read Abhishek Bachchan in the awards function ;).

A good movie to start the year with. Oh yes, Happy Diwali and Happy new year to all you folks.

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vrroom said...

Sorry boss!!
I totally disagree with your views here. The movie was crap....barring a couple of funny moments (like the Abhishek Bachchan stint) there was absolutely nothing likeable about the movie.
Now entertainment is personal....a UP,Bihar ka bhaiyya would definitely be entertained by some flick "Humaar Razaai tohar lugaai". But I do not think I would be entertained by such flick and nor are you!

IMO Om Shanti Om was for those with a taste for a stereo-typed bollywood feel-good masala movie.

It did not entertain me; in fact it entertained me as much as "Bhool Bhullaiya" did.