Saturday, July 09, 2011

From (huff)(huff) half a mile to (I love it) 10 miles!

As most of you would have observed / known, I have been training to run the Half Marathon this year.

I would not say that I got into it almost by accident, in fact, it was something that I was looking forward to it ever since Animesh's marathon . It was an interesting thing to think about. Can I, who would go huff huff in half a mile of running, actually think of running 13.1 miles (or more than 21 km,or more literally, from Kurla to the Gateway of India )

With so many of friends here in the bay area running the marathon with Asha, it was almost imminent that I would follow suit. And I did , this year.

To be honest, the decision was not that easy. I first played with the idea of just working with Asha. As you would put in a job resume, "Use my interpersonal skills to benefit the organization". I joined Team Asha as a volunteer earlier this year - working towards getting sponsorships , contacting tons of businesses and asking them if they would contribute to the noble cause. I was getting into marketing (albeit for a good cause) after quite a few years- and soon enough, I managed to get sponsorships of almost 2000$ for the cause.

And then came the idea of taking up the challenge. I show up for the first couple of runs, and find people from all ages, castes, nationalities, professions show up and run. Trust me, that worked- or was the "Aha" moment for me. The truth is that you can't stop when a 50 year old gentleman keeps running right next to you and keeps encouraging you.

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 and today I ran a full 10 miles ( and also a little more due to a missed mile marker :P) ,and am all set to run the SF half marathon which runs right over the lovely Golden Gate Bridge

But then, why run this marathon? Coming up in next post. Soon. Very soon.


gvk said...

Super :)

Animesh said...

Proud of you man! Hope you are cross-training properly. Otherwise you will end up with a busted knee like me :).


Knu Singhal said...

good job Mr Shah! Very proud of U! when is the Asha page cmg and when is the Marathon (need to keep my calendar free :))?