Thursday, September 01, 2005



Tejas sent me this mail, which highlights the use of the term 'Bangalored' . Put Bangalored in google search, and you'll find what it means.

Probably, the word bangalore may soon find a place in the dictionary, similar to places like Mecca(used to say...its the mecca of engineering kinds), Rome (when u r in rome, do as the romans do), etc etc etc

Dont know, first it sounds funny, but on second thoughts, it prob feels insulting. Sometimes i feel, bangalore should go on strike, and show these people, how incomplete their companies would be if people off shore did not do their work, how expensive their softwares would be, if we did not do their work at cheaper rates...

Guess, its a bit too much....for all things the various political parties in India oppose, this is one thing they should absolutely oppose..

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