Tuesday, September 27, 2005

one more blog


i finally decided to break my silence on the blog

u knw, i sometimes think, that when will ppl read my blog? or rather when should they?

to be frank, i am not sure, but one day i would like people to read this blog.

Don't know if you know about Anne Frank,

Anne Frank was a direct victim of Hitler's atrocities against Jews during the second world war period...

She and her family, along with another family were constantly in hiding, and during that period, Anne wrote a diary, which was read for the first time, after Anne died :( .

However, what she writes in her diary, has been made into movies, and her books have been quite famous. I would seriously recommend that you guys google her up, or find things on the net.

ie if u read this blog, which i suppose you won't

Same is the story with the diary of Robert F. Scott, who led an expedition to Antarctica, but could never make it back. He too wrote a small diary, (in a strange similarity to Anne Frank, who hd to use different books borrowed from people, as she didn't have a diary..she even mentions margot's subject books, scott too had to save on oil, and he didn't have sufficient light) in which he mentions how things were going, how one of his brave companions decided not to be a burden any more, and instead embrace death...its interesting.

blogs and modern technology, give us a better way of doing such things...we should use them well...shudn't we?

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