Saturday, December 17, 2005

Is this where your taxes go?

Read this news on cricinfo

"Somnath Chatterjee, the speaker of the Lok Sabha, the lower house of parliament, announced this while adding that "a great injustice has been done to Ganguly because of politics in the game". "

I guess , people should seriously consider not payin taxes, if the parliament is going to take up such issues...

First, there is no in its not like zimbabwe or something, where cricket is being politicised, and there is a direct crisis. It's simply about one man not performing, and hence been given the axe.

If these guys think that they are angry at the selector's mistake, then why did they so much support the selectors when ganguly was taken back inspite of repeated failures...

Whatevre be the case, its a sport, and its an issue which has to be solved at tht level only..such cases cannot be brought to parliament....if u really have so much time, think about literacy, education, population control, agriculture, industry, external affairs, ,.....but not cricket......its not really what we are paying you for....


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