Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My Contribution to Wikipedia

This is exciting. When i first came across Wikipedia (, i was shocked to see the information these guys had, and was thinking how they got it.

A simple idea, but works, and works well. Just leave some broken links and allow people to finish them, like I did today, added some more information about my home town of mulund, and now this excitement is going to lead me to do much more of it.

Of course, saw on TV a few days back, about misuse of this technology, by people writing bad things about other people, and yes, that is a negative, but minus that, this thing seems to be building up one of the largest resourse of information on the globe....

guess i fully support this one!

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pd said...

Happened to 'hop' on to your blog from Animesh's.
I too fully support a better resource management by Wiki (not that I fear people writing stuff about me) but I sure do fear me getting incorrect knowledge, thanks to some guy's prank.