Sunday, June 18, 2006

India, Aha....!

The current issue of Time Magazine is carrying an interesting cover story. In fact, when I logged onto, it too had this one as the main story.

It's kinda sudden, that over the last few years, India has become the center of focus, and most western countries have suddenly started treating India and China as the world leaders of the future. Lets hope we make it . The post before this, seems to be the biggest deterrent though :)

Here is the link to the story on CNN.

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Animesh said...

Nice to see this news, and nice to see you focusing on this.

Indeed... the other post shows what can possibly go wrong... but lets hope that the population will be able to see through the divisive politics played by the "leaders" of our nation.

[who am I kidding... the public is always stupid... remember... you cannot fool all the people all the time, but you just need a simple majority to get elected!]

P.S. I think the country will progress when the politicians see how the progress will get them their share in bribes etc. Any advisors to politicians listening?